Saturday, May 27, 2017

What is love - 1

I don't why but I have found myself pondering this question lately. Today on a phone call, my friend said - "I love you and I will not judge you no matter what you do." and I thought perhaps that's love. Earlier this morning, I talked to a friend and she said - "Love is wanting the happiness of the loved one and constantly striving to keep them happy." When I think about some people in my life that I am sure about I love, I think that love is wanting their well being no matter what. When they mess up, I do judge them but I never stop wishing them well. I don't know how long-lasting love is but I did feel a pang of pain in my heart when I heard that my uncle who I have not talked to in perhaps 10 years was going through a lot of sadness. I was raring to hear that he is his happy jolly self again which made me wonder if it was love I felt for him or attachment to an image of a loving-happy-jolly uncle that I have preserved in my mind for many years.

So, the only thing that I am sure of is that when you love someone, you wish them well. The intensities and ways of doing it may differ but the basic intention remains the same.

To be continued...