Friday, October 28, 2011

How airtel does business: Telephone bills

I have a post paid connection which has the monthly payment due on 25th of every month. For some reason, they start sending reminders right from the the first week of every month. The underlying assumption.....the customers need to be reminded a hundred times about those bills. Now receiving a reminder everyday with a deadline nowhere around renders those reminders kind of useless. As a matter of fact, I don't want to make a payment when the due date is still week's away.

That said, when I do attempt to make the payment, there website doesn't work most of the time. Now, there is a limit to the time I can spend trying to make my telephone bill payment. I have a job to do and a life to live without having to spend days trying to make phone bill payments. Then, they have this twisted system of assigning the job of bill collection to some local parties who send some shady characters for the bill collection.

For god's sake airtel.....fix the goddamned website and send the reminders AROUND the deadline.

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