Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stolen moments

Life goes on at its pace and we spend time and I go times trying hard to keep up with its times feeling totally in control....and at other times sitting back and watching as it slips through our fingers. Days, weeks and months go by in a haze and at times you end up wondering where did all the time go.

But then there are moments when you somehow manage to isolate yourself from that constant flow of life. Like, between the plates of a capacitor in an electric loop. Today, I was a little late for class and decided to skip it. Here I am, completely at peace because there is nothing pressing on my mind. I actually just sat back and observed people. I really saw people going about their morning as opposed to just quickly scanning through my world via lenses of preconceived notions. Kind of like being in the moment and seeing everything for what it is right now as opposed to just quickly dumping things in boxes I have created in my mind over time.