Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Orange candy.....

"Ummm...orange candy......."Well, till date this is reply that I have got from almost every person whom I asked about his/her choice after stopping next to some "icecreamwale bhaiya".There are some observations that I and one of my friends made during one of those ice candy strolls.
There are basically two types of ice candies-icy and juicy. The typical example of the icy variety is the one from Mother Dairy and that of the juicy variety is the one from Vadilal. So, let's get back to the mainstream-the relative advantages and disadvantages of the two varieties. I find it more suitable to do a pointwise comparison-


  • This I guess is what most people expect when they ask for an ice candy.

  • This is optimally sweet.

  • You can eat it in a sucking manner so as to suck out the juice leaving the ice behind(that's why the name "icy")

  • The feel that you get as you suck the color out of the candy is eternal(at last there is some thing where am the sucker rather than the sucked one.)

  • Hence, this is a highly recommended remedy for the "life sucks" feeling.

  • The only disadvantage that I find with this is that it tends to fall off when you are just midway through sucking.

  • Apart from this there are times when you have sucked the color from all the possible edges and there is no way left to reach the area around the stick without being ridiculous.

  • Your hands are likely to get sticky which you generally realize after having finished your ice candy.

  • This is supposedly better in quality as this is more coherent and uniform throughout.

  • This is a little more sweet than you expect it to be.

  • Rather than having an absolutely icy composition it's somewhat jellyish.

  • Hence rendering it somewhat "unsuckable" and more suitable for being licked.

  • Licking(immaterial of what's being licked) is generally not good for one's self esteem because of the abundant usage of this term in sycophantic contexts.

  • Then you miss on the eternal pleasure of sucking.

  • But this has a lower tendency to fall off so you are more likely to finish your whole candy yourself.

  • Your hands get sticky most of the time as this variety has the tendency to keep dripping from the stick end.
So, all said and done orange candy(whichever variety) is "the" thing to have while you are on a leisurely stroll after dinner or you are discussing with your friends about where to have dinner after having parked or any such time when you happen to be on the road side and there is the ubiquitous icecream wale bhaiya around.

Disclaimer:-These are completely personal views based on individual sensory perception and hence there is no claim as to this being "the truth about orange candies or something".This is completely a point of view of a single obscure individual.


Vivek said...

I'm speechless :) I am the icy kind myself, and another advantage of the ice candy is that there are a plethora of flavours available, including a double-mother-dairy-raspberry-mango, that used to be a favourite in college days..

Vibha said...

Love the way you write Chhaya....Do keep updating your blog...You will have atleast one regular reader...