Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another weekend.

This weekend like many others...was one when we ran out of things to do despite having slept to our hearts' content and having idled till we started feeling worthlessness of our existence to the possiblest extremes. So, as always I told myself that I have got "things to do", had a bath (don't know why cleaning oneself never occurs to the mind when the world seems to be devoid of anything worth doing) and somehow reached office by 2:30 pm when they were winding up the lunch(the big shots in my office had foresight enough to estimate the incapability of their "single" employees' to even collect food) and so I got to eat not the only one of my kind...amongst others lunching at that hour, four were my acquaintances. After having had lunch and having competed over who plays "worser" TT, we came upstairs and then it occurred to us that we can go to teashop......

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