Friday, October 10, 2008

Have you read "Atlas Shrugged"?

A recent event in my life reminded me of the pure meritocratic world, Ayn Rand had talked about in the above book.
It was another weekend when I and Shivani were rushing for some morning errand and to our dismay, there was no rickshaw at the usual spot. So we started walking and in a moment I saw one coming head-on towards us. I signalled and he stopped very matter of factly and it was then that I noticed that he had just one hand. Well, trying to behave normal, I asked him about the fare and there came the second shock. He just asked (in the same matter of factly manner) for the amount which we usually pay for that destination unlike his other colleagues who follow the protocol of quoting a higher price. Shivani whispered, "Is it okay." and I nodded as subtly as I could because I didn't want to affect his air of self-assuredness with ny dumb expressions or our whispers.

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