Saturday, October 11, 2008 stand on the top of mountains

Actually my close friends Misra and Stinky(names changed complying with principles of proxemics) were trying to come up with some quote for their team T-shirt after releasing their product "Stanza". Here is the conversation between them and the senior manager-

Misra: Sir, "East or West, stanza is the best" kaisa rahega?
SM(with an amused smile): Isse zyada cliché kuchh nahi soch paye tum log?
Stinky: I think we should go to my cabin to brainstorm on this. Then we will come to you sir.

Brainstorming session in Stinky's cabin, some excerpts-
Misra: Yaar main accha quote toh btaya.
Stinky: Haan yaar! It was amazing in it's simplicity.
Misra: Wahi toh sir ko chamaka nahi. Chal kuchh aur sochte hain.
.....and the session continued.

After 30 minutes of brainstorming-
Misra: Sir, hum log soch liye.
SM: Bolo.
Misra: "Stanza-You stand on the top of mountains!"
SM: And do what?

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