Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There are things that you find extremely hilarious when said in some particular group at particular time while the same thing when told to someone else might sound as trite as a thing possibly can. Same might be the case with the following conversation on lipstick when we were on our walk to Laxmi.

Tiku as she so often does (quotes her brother verbatim) said that her brother had related to her his observation, "Punjabi bandiyon ka lipstick mein bharpoor vishwas hota hai." All unanimously agreed with it and added that the lipstick is so important that if a newly wed Punjabi girl returns to her parents' home without having applied lipstick to a certain level of saturation, her mother or aunt or an elder sister or some such figure asks her,"Beti! Woh tujhe theek se toh rakh rahe hain na."
At this Mickoo commented that it's the Punjabi girls only who can carry that because if we apply lipstick like that, we will resemble langurs beyond any doubt.
At this Misra started, "Waise bhi humari side lipstick ka jyada prachlan nahi hai."

And stinky added icing to the cake,"Hota toh tum lagate na Misra?"

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