Sunday, August 9, 2009

My old book shop...

I went to my college time book shop after long. It is a place where I have spent many of my evenings sitting on a stool between the racks and reading, sipping the coffee which they used to serve as a gesture of hospitality. As always, it didn't disappoint me this time either.
I thought that I might find their collection small after my tryst with the OMs, Odysseys and Teksons in the NCR but then, there it was with the small yet enticing and beautifully organized collection of books. And the best part is, on asking about some particular book by say Galbraith, you get an informed suggestion about some other books by the same author ("JK Galbraith ki yeh book out of print hai, waise 1929 ke depression par unki book is topic pe likhi gai sabse easy read hai.") and also books by other authors along the same lines instead of awkward looks (read with no ideas whatsoever about the book or the author) with mipronunciations of the author's name. That's the kind of difference which comes to things when people care about the work that they do.

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