Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Now I know why I don't like the too nice ones

I just recently read this article and was happily relieved because it helped me realize what is it that bugs me about the too happy people. I have always found that people who are too nice also have this streak of complying and falling in which used to get on my nerves because I can always sense it but never quite put my ginger on it. It is an extension of the Milgram experiment which went on and looked at the people who were willing to shock others when told to do so.

Here is what the researchers found-
People who were normally friendly followed orders because they didn't want to upset others, while those who were described as unfriendly stuck up for themselves.
"The irony is that a personality disposition normally seen as antisocial — disagreeableness — may actually be linked to 'pro-social' behavior,'" writes Psychology Today's Kenneth Worthy. "This connection seems to arise from a willingness to sacrifice one's popularity a bit to act in a moral and just way toward other people, animals or the environment at large. Popularity, in the end, may be more a sign of social graces and perhaps a desire to fit in than any kind of moral superiority."

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